Joellyn Duesberry, Passing Storm III, (detail), 1992, monotype, ink on paper,
Denver Art Museum: Funds from Friends of Painting and Sculpture, 1998.321
Photography Courtesy of the Denver Art Museum

Aims and Purposes

"The Friends of Painting and Sculpture is a non-profit organization for the purposes of supporting and engaging in educational programs relevant to American and European Art ... contribution to the cultural enrichment of its members ... the public in general.  It intends to promote the programs of the Painting and Sculpture Collections of the Denver Art Museum and to render financial support for acquisitions and assistance with exhibitions and programs for the Collection...."

Curator's Report - Summer/Fall/Winter 2014 Newsletter 

This past month, I traveled to see a number of artist’s studios in Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Maine. These are all working studios. They have an organizational logic all their own, like small garden plots. Many need weeding, but I imagine that the artists prefer the mess. Some have large cushioned chairs. Some have stools. Many have easels. Images— sketches, drawings, postcards, quotes— “The chief enemy of creativity is good sense,” Picasso. Add to the intended horror vacui in books, magazines, and newspapers piled high. Lighting fixtures dot the space overhead—many are clamp lamps. Some have wide flat drawers for works on paper. Some have crumbled paper littering everywhere. For purposes of rendering the figure, or for company, some have stuffed animals, life-size manikins, many have masks dotting the walls. Some have books organized while others, just piles of books, magazines, and newspapers piled high. Lighting fixtures dot the space overhead—many are clamp lamps. Some have northern facing windows, some have mirrors. Some studios have stations—a drawing zone, a print making quarter, a pastel area. All have more art supplies than what anyone would have purchased in a couple of lifetimes. All of these private spaces are the settings where artists struggle, face challenges, and continue to work day after day, after day. The works they produced are simply a frozen moment of their running artistic journeys. We saw many of these brilliant results at the silent auction event on June 12th. Thanks to the artists who contributed, as well as to the many who participated in the event, the McDonald’s who sponsored it, and to all the members of FOPAS who make this one very special support group for the Department of Painting & Sculpture.  

Dr. Timothy J. Standring
Gates Foundation, Curator of Painting & Sculpture

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FOPAS Board 2014 - 2015

Executive Board

  • President: Diana Groves
  • Ex-Officio: Liz Mehrtens
  • Vice President: Programs Chair Mary Willis
  • Secretary: Gretchen Cooper
  • Treasurer: Elaine Gunnell 
  • Members at Large: Linda Roberts, Ed Joyce

Committee Chairs

  • Benefits: BJ Dyer
  • Communications: Bette Jamieson
  • Historian: Ellen Reynolds
  • Hospitality: Betsy Cheroutes, Phyliss Vander Ark
  • Membership: Denny O'Brien
  • Nominations: Judy O'Brien
  • Parliamentarian: Norm Smith
  • Reservations: Kay Landen
  • Travel: Bart Johnson, Liz Mehrtens
  • Upper Level Programs: Kristin Lohmiller

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